My name is Rob Sisneros; welcome to my page. I am a visualization guy and this site is my attempt to present myself as portfoliolishly as possible. It is also my hope that seeing the site grow (or wishing it to do so) will serve as some excellent motivation to become more of a science-greedy vis-monster. Professionaly, here are the basics: I went from here to here to here. Visit the rest of the site to see what I did at those places, and the awesome folks I've been lucky enough to work with. Personally, I'm a devoted husband and proud father (and a devoted father and proud husband). My daughter, Maya, is the brilliant artist of the painting on this page (that's right, rendering from Maya). My lovely wife, Melissa, is the architect of our family as well as an actual architect (and did I mention lovely). Note to self: portfoliolishly shares too many letters with foolishly.