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The CAVE is a multi-person, room-sized, high-resolution, 3D video and audio environment. It was developed at the Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL) at and is available commercially through Pyramid Systems, Inc. (PSI). EVL continues to research and develop the CAVE. Currently, four projectors are used to throw full-color, computer-generated images onto three walls and the floor (the software could support a 6 wall CAVE.) CAVE software synchronizes all the devices and calculates the correct perspective for each wall. In the current configuration, one Rack Onyx with 2 Infinite Reality Engine Pipes is used to create imagery for the four walls. In the CAVE all perspectives are calculated from the point of view of the user. A head tracker provides information about the user's position. Offset images are calculated for each eye. To experience the stereo effect, the user wears active stereo glasses which alternately block the left and right eye.

The current interactive device is the wand, a 3D mouse with a joystick for navigating and three buttons which can be programmed for interactivity. Computer-controlled audio provides a sonification capability to multiple speakers.

The CAVE/ImmersaDesk trademarks are owned by the University of Illinos, Board of Trustees.

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