Steve's Home Page

Yeah, it's a plain web page. I know.

I started working here at NCSA back in 1995. I worked on the last couple of releases of Mosaic for X-Window Systems, the first popular web browser which lead to the widespread development of the World Wide Web.

I currently work in the Data Management group for the Vera C Rubin Observatory project.

Back in the early days of the internet, I wrote code that Sun Microsystem integrated into Java and the Hot Java browser. If you've used Java, chances are pretty good you've run some of the code I wrote.

I worked on NCSA Habanero, a smart room and NCSA Portfolio. NCSA Portfolio was featured in the book, Killer Game Programming in Java.

I worked in the security group at Harris Computer Systems Division, where I helped certify the first National Computer Security Center (NCSC) B1-evaluated secure computer system with secure networking, a secure X-Window manager, and their first firewall product.

At Modcomp, I worked in the operating systems group on the REAL/IX real-time Unix kernel, the kernel debugger, networking drivers, and all kinds of other things.

I also did networking software development for Gould Computer System Division.

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Publications - See Google Scholar Citations.

Back in the day, I used to write magazine articles. I wrote numerous articles for Amazing Computing and AmigaWorld. I've also written for the website JavaWorld.

Stephen R. Pietrowicz
Manager of the Middleware Technology Group
Lead Research Programmer