Novel Architectures department

Editors: Volodymyr Kindratenko and Pedro Trancoso

Mission statement

CiSE’s Novel Architectures department mission is to keep the readers of the magazine up to date with the latest developments in computing architectures and their application to scientific computing. Our goal is to keep the readers of the magazine well informed about the latest trends and developments of new computing architectures and ways these architectures can be used in their research. Our approach in accomplishing this goal is to publishing short articles that i) introduce novel computing architectures in terms understandable to the broad magazine’s readership and ii) provide examples of advantages and challenges in practical use of such architectures.


CiSE’s Novel Architectures department publishes articles about novel computing architectures and provides examples of how to get started with exploring these architectures in practice. The department also publishes timely articles about novel ways of using existing architectures and articles that compare tools, development methodologies, and performance for different architectures. The department emphasizes articles about novel architectures that have broad applicability to the science and engineering fields over articles that describe architectures suitable for only a narrow range of applications. Articles suitable for the department, while may not be limited to, are those that cover the following topics, within the scope of scientific computing and applications:


CiSE’s Novel Architectures department readership consists of scientists, engineers, and educators from a broad set of disciplines who rely heavily on computation.

Article preparation and submission

CiSE’s Novel Architectures department published solicited articles only. Authors interested in writing an article for the department should first discuss their ideas with one of the department’s editors. Department articles are subjected solely to an internal review by the department editors. Authors must expect that after their manuscript has been accepted on the basis of its technical merit, the text will undergo a substantial amount of additional editing for style by the magazine’s editorial staff. CiSE’s Novel Architectures department article should be written with the following in mind: provide sufficient technical details, be understandable to a wide range of readership, and illustrate how the presented technology or methodology can be applied to a broad range of science and engineering disciplines.

CiSE’s Novel Architectures department article should be written in the active voice and should be around 3,000 words long, including figures and tables, which count as 250 words each. Magazine’s editorial staff uses Microsoft Word to prepare manuscripts for publication, and all graphics files are eventually rendered as eps files. Thus, it is highly desirable that the submissions come in this format, or at least can be converted to Microsoft Word. Regardless of the submission format, manuscripts should also be accompanied with a pdf file that can be used to match formatting. CiSE’s Novel Architectures department articles are published regularly, in each issue. Table below provides submission/publication schedule.

Draft due for department’s editors25 September25 November25 January25 March25 May25 July
Materials due for edit10 October2 December10 February10 April10 June10 August
Published issueJan/FebMar/AprMay/JuneJuly/AugSept/OctNov/Dec

Published and Upcoming articles

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